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Intro 01:00
[I can't give you anything but love - people it's time to - you mean to say you ain't but uptown? no, I ain't been uptown.]
Learn, to be patient with, no matter who you think you are. Ask not why, just demonize when there's danger in the room. And you, gonna feel the way you do. Who you loving when you talk like that with the new shoes on, make a get away - gone, break a neck to your favourite song, but you're on your way. Who you loving, who loving when your face is wrong with a black handgun trying to play a King Kong, all bass - no drum, ba-da-da-da-da-dei-dum, you're on your way.
Bug 02:27
You grew up with the quick cash. Mommy, Daddy, want that Papa, Mama need that Mommy, Daddy bleedin'. You grew up with the quick gash Momma got the whip lash Could've been a miss match, Guns they go - click clack. You get that half-soul delivery. The thin sound of her mystery, with some misshapen history I don't know, with her witch hands go - squeeze. I'm buggin' out. {Got a problem with seduction? Get that "ego-bless reduction." Went and fucked up your libido? Same thing old dreams} [do that shit, do that shit, do it] Gotta be dead to be in my crew, we a ghost in the shell, they'll listen when I'm dead, remember nothing of who I am, or when I was, or how I died! Gotta to be dead to me in my crew.
Oh dear, Trying to connect with old friends, trying to connect the old. This is the way they know, how my life been going. A domi-domino, a domi-domino we all tend to fall the same. And even after all, and even after all we just want to fix our backs. Say nonetheless, don't say it all moves too fast.
Fascination, I'll be anything you want, your friend, your love, your dog. Fascination, I'll be anything you want, the floor you stomp all on. Fascination, I'll be anything you want, the God you walk for fun. I will wait for you. The other friend, another dawn, the people you see. Get your head out the "mainframe". Digitized in one blink flat, do I turn left or right, I don't know. Adjust the wings to the back door, winding up the cogs so tight. Ready, set? Heal my child, don't wait, don't wait, don't.
Laugh 01:37
[I will never look at you again and like you, no one I ever know will ever look at you again and like you, you will never be invited anywhere, you will never be told anything, you are a menace, go away!] Knock, knock you're dead. Woke in a blur. Dreaming shows us the only cure. Talk about what's happening, what's feeling good. Just in time to be understood. I told them once, those dancing days, I told them all that I was sane. Wrap up the memory in minimal fuzz, better be sure it's all real blood. Pull up to work, Doom crawling in, I'm still daydreaming. She says, "Shhh, pass the blunt, don't say a word, we might just be the last on the earth, as I'm thinking bout the Puff, pass his word, of demons, lions, passion - the verb. I relay the message to Kenny and the crew, they look at me... "Who the fuck are you?" *stares* Laughing it off, manic at best, scared of it all, won't die til' I rest.
God 02:18
Laugh it up, to the situation that you always want it to be, or at least right now, you're a part of it. Live with, play with that death. Tell God I said, bye. What do you say to a ghost under warm running water? How will we know if it's for us to see? Enough questioning! Say Jesus, I don't want it like that, beneath us there's a who lotta hell. [When my God, gets ahold of your God] Blood lust, when you say we are one, when the fact is there's a whole lot to tell. White washed, til' you think you're all numb, when the black kid - "oh he can't be the one". Jesus, whacha doin' up there? Knock, knock, how bout I drag you down here? [Oh, I'm telling you, I'm so glad you all came.] Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum. I'm not your Dog.
So tell me why nobody wants to go to school, why? I tell you why: It's not even the truth. It's his history, it's not about her, it's not even true. Who knows what's true? And how you do it, I can't believe it. Do you really believe this? Nope, cause I don't. The way she walk into the room, I might just go ahead and die. My father's thoughts begin to boom, take out my knife and wish for life. She goes to reach, but you say, "no". It's gone too deep, you might explode. Our love is just inside my mind, a vibrant bliss to grasp to, try and hold you.
You touch it once, you touch it twice. Play even with the other kids now. All my friends, we get high. Pray for the times when jumping all around. Doo-doo, who's the monkey now? Salvation is the art formation of this sound. Doo-doo, who's the monkey now? Feel a new one, I got all of my plans turn Upside Down n' Out. Feel a new one, I got all that I need turns Upside Down n' Out. Who's the monkey now?


released January 26, 2017

Music, vocals, production, and art by Zoo.
Mastering and packaging design by Cyrus Fisher.
Vocals on Red Eyed, vocals and synthesizer on Nope by Tellavision.
Cello on Feel the Way You Do by Rashaad Jones.
Vocals on Feel the Way You Do by Golf Widow.
Guitar on Feel the Way You Do by Landon Walker.




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